About Us

Welcome to Paranormal Underground magazine. We are a PDF and print-on-demand paranormal magazine dedicated to the reporting of paranormal phenomena. Our writers and editors come from diverse backgrounds and offer a wide range of viewpoints about the paranormal.

At Paranormal Underground, our primary goal is to explore the unexplained from all angles. To do this, we present in-depth articles about the paranormal, talk to paranormal researchers, present personal paranormal experiences, and track paranormal news. We provide coverage of all aspects of the paranormal, including ghostscryptidsUFOs, unexplained phenomena, conspiracy theories, haunted sites, and more. We also discuss psychic phenomena and spiritual topics.

Who Writes for Us?

Our writers include believers, skeptics, and skeptical believers, enabling us to offer 

unique insight into a wide range of paranormal phenomena.

Our paranormal magazine writing staff includes experienced paranormal researchers and investigators, spiritualists, demonologists, and journalists, among others. We have writers who live or have lived in haunted houses, some who work in haunted locations, and others who believe they have had contact with aliens, cryptids, and beings from 

the beyond.

What Topics Do We Cover?

Regular monthly magazine articles include:

  • Haunted Sites
  • Cryptids & Mythological Creatures
  • Are We Alone? UFOs
  • Crystals & Herbology
  • Magic & Lore
  • Haunted History
  • ​Inside the Psychic Mind
  • Haunted Objects/Curses
  • Urban Legends
  • Reader Encounters
  • Ghost Hunter Case Files
  • Investigator Spotlight
  • Author Profile
  • Special Reports
  • Paranormal Perspective: Guest Editorial

Everyone Is Welcome

At Paranormal Underground, we believe that there is a place at the table for people with all viewpoints. Whether you are a skeptic, a believer, or somewhere in between, we hope that those with an interest in the paranormal will join us in the discussion as we explore the unexplained with our paranormal magazine.