Paranormal Underground magazine is your connection to the paranormal world. Our paranormal magazine covers the most sought-after topics in the paranormal field, including Paranormal Investigation, Ghosts & Hauntings, UFO Phenomena, Cryptids & Mythological Creatures, Psychic Phenomena, Magic & Lore, Crystals & Herbology, Metaphysics and Energy Healing, and Dream Interpretation, among many other paranormal-related content. 

Join us as we Explored the Unexplained




-- The "Intention Is Everything" podcast features guests talking about metaphysical topics, including energy healing, living with intention, and much more! 

--All shows are posted on Paranormal Underground Radio's Podbean/iTunes podcast channel.

You can find Paranormal Underground Radio's podcast archive on Podbean and iTunes. We talk with paranormal researchers about their work in the field and discuss theories about afterlife communications, cryptids, UFOs, psychic phenomena, and other intriguing topics.



Paranormal Underground magazine and Website provides an easy, affordable way to showcase your Website, product, paranormal event, or haunted site to thousands of our magazine readers and Web surfers. 


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