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Paranormal Investigators & Groups

In The Dark Investigations
White Haven Paranormal
Autonomous Studies of the Enigmatic & Paranormal
Western Oregon Organization of Investigators
Memphis Midsouth Ghost Hunters
Afterlife Paranormal Investigations of the Carolinas
Paranormal & Occult Research Team
Washington State Investigations and Research
Paranormal Insights
South Sound Paranormal Research
Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures
East Tennessee Paranormal Research Society
Olympic Peninsula Paranormal Society
New England Society of Paranormal Investigators
Fire and Ice Paranormal Investigators of Florida
Bridgetown Paranormal
Malaysia Paranormal Research
Spirit Chesire
Carolina Society for Paranormal Research and Investigation

The Maryland Paranormal Research Team

Paranormal Media & Production

The Geek's Guide to the Strange and Unusual
My Paranormal Journey: One Man's Obsession

The Harvey Boat
Silentwolf Productions
  Hey Z Radio
Avalanche of Spirits: The Ghosts of Wellington
Going Beyond Radio
Phenomena Magazine
Chasing the Shadows
Michelle Pillow Paranormal Romance Books

Para Lina Radio
Fusion Project Radio

Other Paranormal Links

Northwest Ghost Tours
Entities-R-Us: Ghost Hunter Comic
Local Favorites - America's Famous Hauntings
Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers
Paranormal Network Ghost Pictures
The Haunted Homeowner's Survival Guide
Famous Haunted Houses

Costume Shaker
Benevolent Spirits
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