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The Geek’s Guide to the Strange & Unusual is meant for those
who have a sense of adventure and are looking for answers to
some of the greatest mysteries confronting mankind. This book,
which explores many of the most intriguing paranormal cases
and haunted locations around the world, is written to inform
and entertain you. Cases and sites examined within the book
include the Demon Drummer of Tedworth, Lucedio Abbey, the
Dagg Poltergeist, the Ontario Terror, three cases of possession,
LaLaurie Mansion, Goldfield Hotel, and Bachelor's Grove
Cemetery, among many other cases and locations.

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My Paranormal Journey: One Man’s Obsession follows
paranormal investigator Rick Waid as he struggles with an obsession
that consumes his every waking moment: an obsession with the
paranormal. Rick was compelled to share with others his passion for paranormal investigation, which ultimately revealed to him evidence of
the afterlife and exposed gifts he never knew he had. He also hoped to
share lessons learned during his journey, lessons that almost destroyed
his family, his job, and his life. “I hope this book will help others realize
there are reasons for exploring into new territories and breaking through
current boundaries,” Rick said.

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Within the pages of The Harvey Boat, Spiritual Medium Robyne Marie tells the story given to her from "behind the veil," after connecting with a spirit who passed away on 9/11. The spirit asked for his powerful, touching, and heartfelt message to be shared with "the children," so Robyne Marie set out to make his request a reality. The Harvey Boat was inspired through a process called automatic writing, also known as psycho-graphy or “spirit writing.” During this process, a spirit communicates through a medium or human agent, who then writes down the content given to them word for word. This phenomena has been recorded for centuries.

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