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Paranormal Underground Magazine Testimonials

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     I love Paranormal Underground magazine. Since I started reading the magazine, I have used some of the tips given during my own team's investigations. I have also bought several books and investigation tools advertised in the magazine.
     “I enjoy your quality writing and the fact that the magazine covers a full range of topics and provides something for everyone. I will continue to enjoy the magazine and will be a subscriber until you quit publishing or I become a spirit ... whichever comes first.
     –Bob Fountain, Founder, Spectral Tech


     Paranormal Underground magazine is one of the best of its kind! From cover to cover, there is not a story that is not worth reading. From the beginner investigator to the experienced investigator, as well as the paranormal enthusiast, there is something for everyone.
     Stories of hauntings will captivate you and keep you wanting more information. Reviews of equipment will help you decide what is worth purchasing concerning cost and functionality. The best part of this magazine? It isn't an actual paper copy, so you will not wear it out from reading it!
     "I definitely recommend that everyone subscribe to Paranormal Underground magazine.
     Ruth Boynton, Cofounder, WI Paranormal Group/Committee Member, Ghost Hunters United



     So I was looking for a magazine that would give me everything I needed from the field of the paranormal. You know something that would be an easy read yet have diverse coverage on many subjects. Of course, it also had to be entertaining and educational as well. That’s when I found Paranormal Underground magazine. Not only did it give me what I needed, it also opened my eyes to so many new and interesting things.
     And what’s great is how they do it. You see, by taking real people within these fields and letting them write for the magazine, you’re getting honest, solid information right from the people who really know. In fact, I loved the magazine so much that I now write for them too. So if you’re looking for a magazine that’s really on top of what’s happening and new in the field of the paranormal, look no further. Paranormal Underground magazine is the answer. So go grab your copy today!
     Chuck Gotski, Founder, In The Dark Investigations


     I am a big fan of this magazine and have enjoyed each issue for several years. The new format starting with the January 2013 issue is a nice improvement, but the content, as always, is very well chosen and presented. Paranormal Underground is a wonderful magazine  inspiring, well researched, and well written. I’ll definitely continue to buy each issue as soon as they become available.


     “I wanted to take the time to say how much I enjoy Paranormal Underground magazine. I have never been one to read magazines, but Paranormal Underground has me hooked. I anxiously await the next issue.”
     “We recently purchased 4 tickets to the Lemp Mansion event hosted by Southwest Paranormal after seeing the calendar listing in an issue of Paranormal Underground magazine. I look forward to future issues of Paranormal Underground so that I can read about new ideas and theories, articles on equipment, and investigative techniques, as well as browsing the ads for possible opportunities!”

     “Another month and another professional magazine that I read from cover to cover. And I thoroughly enjoyed every article! Very professional work and interesting to boot.”
     “I cannot tell you how impressed I am with Paranormal Underground magazine. There’s something for everyone curious about the unknown. The quality and content just keeps getting better.”
     “I enjoy the high quality of Paranormal Underground’s articles and the layout; it’s all very well done. I have let my friends know about your publication and have encouraged them to take a look. Continued good luck!”


     “Paranormal Underground magazine is a great place for information whether you are a newcomer or seasoned researcher. Having researched paranormal phenomena for almost 10 years, I was very pleased to find the in-depth reviews pertaining to the equipment I was interested in. With cutting-edge articles about equipment and methodology that I care about, I was able to make some new equipment selections based on experiments conducted by contributing writers and editors. The articles about hi-def audio recording prompted my immediate purchase of high-end Olympus recorders. My favorite aspect of Paranormal Underground magazine is that they tackle the subjects that I care about. Their extensive coverage of places and equipment, as well as informative scientific articles based on all nature of paranormal phenomena, far exceed the content of other paranormal publications.
     I appreciate the diligence they take in providing insight that goes beyond the ‘What’s your favorite flashlight for ghostbusting?’ mentality. Their subject matter is well thought-out and presented, and this magazine fills the niche for what experienced researchers have been waiting a long time for. To the staff of Paranormal Underground magazine, please keep up the good work.”